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May 28, 2017

Listen to our conversation with Lance Watson, Jr., as we focus on the changing social media landscape and ways interpersonal relationships are affected.

This episode is a must hear for any parent, thought leader or communicator who wants to stay current and relevant with the latest trends in how people receive and consume information.


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Lean-in, lean back and enjoy!

May 26, 2017

In part 3 of our interview with Lance Watson, Jr., we explore in greater depth the importance of fellowship.

It’s okay to start the journey to being your better self alone, but we all find out the expedition is more enjoyable, transformative and beneficial when we harness the collective powers of a community.

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We’ll hear more from Lance soon. But for now, lean-in, lean back and enjoy!

May 24, 2017

On this episode of the Suite Talk we continue the conversation with Lance Watson, Jr., on building legacies that span generations, learning from our children and the importance of mentoring and being mentored.

A technology-enthusiast and social-media socialite, Lance is the founder of Heirborn, a non-profit focusing on cultivating what he calls the “three primary functions of leadership: teaming, technique and timing.”

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Lean in, lean back and enjoy!

May 22, 2017

On this episode of Suite Talk we feature a longer and more probing conversation with Lance Watson, Jr., who is on staff with The Saint Paul’s Baptist Church of Richmond, VA.

Charged with leading digital initiatives for this vibrant community of over 10,000 worshippers, Lance stands at the intersection of technology, communications and spirituality.

In this portion of the conversation, we parse the differences between succession planning and legacy building; the spiritual dimension of strategic planning and the benefits of intergenerational dialogue.

We’ve heard from Lance before and we’ll hear more again soon, but for now: Lean in, lean back and enjoy!

May 20, 2017


Enjoy this a snippet from an upcoming Suite Talk podcast with one of our collaborators, Lance Watson, Jr. In addition to being a good and knowledgeable guy, Lance, is the Digital Content Manager for The Saint Paul’s Baptist Church of Richmond VA, a 10,000 member congregation.

Lance, the father of two children – and a divorcee,  is a proud social-media socialite, avid self-improvement book reader and graphical presentation guru.

Longer excerpts from our conversation with Lance will be released in the coming days. In the meantime, lean in, lean back and enjoy. Oh yeah, please comment, like and share. Enjoy!

May 19, 2017

In part two of our conversation with Alton B. Pollard, III, Dean of the Howard University School of Divinity, we learn more what about his raison d’être and how you can find yours.

“I seldom think of what I do is work, for me it really is love of life. The love of life is for which all this stems,” says Pollard, who served as a pastor before joining the academy while also being a husband and father. “For some of us, we really understand that this is a sacred calling, that life itself is vocation.”

For the first half of our chat with Dean Pollard, we focused not only on the role of faith leadership amidst a constantly evolving social and political climate, but also what lessons we can learn from the past as we—individually and collectively—chart a path forward.

In this portion of our exchange, we explore how even seemingly innocuous daily encounters are imbued with spiritual meaning. We learn how each interaction influences our relationships and how by being mindful and intentional we can move closer to the Divine. This conversation will help you better understand how you truly can Be Your Better Self, by giving and getting the most out of life.

Lean in, lean back and enjoy!

May 19, 2017

Just as one would expect, Dean Alton Pollard’s office at the Howard University School of Divinity is lined with bookcases teeming with scholarly tomes. But what makes the place unique is his collection of African art sitting atop pedestals and hanging from the walls.

Perhaps the most significant piece in his collection, a statue of the Sankofa bird, resting on his desk is almost obscured by the stacks of books, papers and computer monitor nearby. Yet, even in that relative obscurity, it is a powerful reminder of the importance of learning from the past—especially amid the chaos and tumult of our current times.

“Return and get it,” the statue speaks.

Reflection gives way to reexamination, giving way to revelation.

Our inspiring and thought-provoking conversation with Dean Pollard covers a lot of ground, but is centered on providing a paradigm for viewing the current social and political milieu, what history teaches us and how we can chart a path forward.

Brought to you in two parts (look for the second installment in a few days), Dean Pollard waxes prophetically about the role of faith leaders in today’s climate and how the spirit of the divine doesn’t just exist in houses of worship, but is imbued in even the subtleties of daily life.

Here’s a video snippet of our conversation.

I invite you to set aside some time to sit, listen and reflect on this powerful message. Lean in, lean back and enjoy!